Sublimation Transfer

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Sublimation Transfers MUST be applied with a heat press. A home iron will not work! Only for shirts with AT LEAST 50% polyester with DyePress

Always prepress your shirt for 5-10 seconds to get the moisture out! 

Temp 385 degrees
Medium Pressure
40 seconds

DO NOT FORGET a piece of paper inside the shirt to insure the ink is not transferred to back side of the shirt! 

XL Adult 
XXL Adult 
Remember that the sizing on transfers are give or take a little since not all designs are the same. I will make the design suitable for the shirt sizes.

As you probably already know Sublimation is a process of ink bonding to the fibers in the shirt. This is why it is so important to use the correct fabric. When the ink is heated it turns into a gas, the gas then bonds to polyester fibers. It must be applied to fabric with AT LEAST 50% polyester. The best quality you can get with sublimation is 100% polyester! The less polyester the more faded "vintage" the transfer will look once pressed and the more it will fade with washing.